Welcome to 2GB VPS, home of the VPS with 2GB of RAM.

Guaranteed 2GB RAM and 60GB RAID10 disk. No-nonsense features. No-nonsense support. No-nonsense pricing: €10 per month. Order now!


We believe RAM shouldn't be an obstacle, that is why we at 2GB VPS.com give you 2GB to play with. All yours, 24/7.

Your VPS also comes with 60GB of RAID10 redunant performance storage and we carefully monitor disk performance to make sure you make the best of your VPS.


OpenVZ allows us to segregate every user into their own environment, guaranteeing that precious 2GB will only be used by you. CPU, disk, and network resources are also tightly controlled to make doubly sure of this.

Pricing and support

We believe in a no-nonsense business. To that end our pricing is simple, and so is our support. Open a ticket, have the issue fixed; simple!

If your needs change we are happy to transfer you to a different region or host - we do everything possible to ensure the best solution for our customers. Regardless, if for whatever reason you wish to close your account, we will refund your balance without question or fuss.


We use servers from multiple locations; France, Germany, UK, US(Dallas,TX and LA,CA), Switzerland. Netherlands and additional US locations coming soon.

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Network Speed

All our servers are connected with 1000Mbit network connection guaranteeing you will have great speeds no matter the time of day.

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The standard 2GB VPS comes with 1TB bandwidth!

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